Our specializations

Environmental law.

  • Advice on environmental (impact) review, environmental fees and fines for exceeding or violating the terms of using the environment,
  • Legal advice regarding proper waste management, such as recycling, storage, waste generation and storage as well as transport,
  • Advice on the trade and use of hazardous substances and preparations (including the transport of hazardous materials),
  • Advice on the proper management of packaging and packaging waste as well as regulations related to product charges,
  • Advice on issues of environmental impact assessment,
  • Advising on liability for violation of regulations regarding environmental law,
  • Legal aid in obtaining environmental permits, environmental decisions, water-rights permits and integrated permits,
  • Legal assistance in conducting proceedings regarding environmental impact assessment,
  • Helping in gaining access to information about the environment,
  • Creating reports defining the rights and obligations of entrepreneurs arising from environmental law,
  • Legal opinions on specific aspects of environmental law and nature conservation law in the functioning of entrepreneurs from various industries (e.g. waste management, waste transport, sewage disposal),
  • Preparation of letters, applications, appeals, complaints to public and local administration authorities or administrative courts,
  • Representation in cases concerning liability for damage caused in the natural environment,
  • Representation in proceedings before public administration authorities and before administrative courts.