Our specializations

Law regarding TSL industry (transport, shipping and logistics).

  • Permanent legal service for companies from the TSL industry (transport, shipping and logistics),
  • Legal consulting on obtaining permits to perform the occupation of road transport operator,
  • Preparation and issuing opinions on transport, shipment and logistics contracts, as well as templates of individual transport orders,
  • Preparation and issuing opinions on lease and tenancy agreements,
  • Carrying out analyses in terms of assessment of transport and carriage activities in terms of meeting current requirements of national and international law,
  • Assistance with control by the National Labour Inspectorate and the Main Inspectorate Of Road Transport,
  • Advising on domestic and international transport (in particular, based on the provisions of the CMR Convention),
  • Advising on road transport of dangerous goods (ADR),
  • Undertaking activities aimed at preventing the entrepreneur from losing potential claims, in particular claims for damages related to damage to transport,
  • Conducting negotiations for the amicable settlement of disputes arising,
  • Bringing liquidation proceedings before insurers and making appeals against the decision refusing payment of compensation,
  • Claims, including claims for unpaid remuneration and claims for damages from perpetrators of transport damages,
  • Representation before common courts of all instances (including before) of the Supreme Court, including in security and enforcement proceedings,
  • Representation before courts in proceedings taking place abroad,
  • Representation before conciliation courts and arbitration courts.